Scott & White's Executive MBA Program

Mind - Body - Activity

Scott & White's Executive MBA (mind, body, activity) program is an intense 16-week personalized wellness course on healthy eating, exercise and life-work balance. The program challenges our Scott & White leaders to take action to improve their health and serve as a role model to our staff members and community.

The program is offered twice a year and supports up to 10 leaders at a time. The MBA instructors, which include Scott & White Wellness staff and community fitness partners, are committed to ensuring our participants complete the required courses to earn their "MBA degree."

Challenge Accepted

Prior to beginning the course, leaders are required to complete:

  • A physical exam and preventative care visit with their provider (to ensure they are able to safely participate in the exercise portion of the program)
  • Health assessment survey
  • Questionnaire about diet, exercise and weight-loss history
  • Productivity questionnaire
  • Work-life balance questionnaire

Healthy Lifestyle Adopted

Physical Activity

Throughout the duration of the program, participants complete more than 300 hours of physical activity each week, including:

  • Two early morning sessions of full-body strength training
  • Three mornings of walk/run half marathon training
  • Weekly introduction to a new exercise or sport, such as tennis, spin class, swimming or racquetball

Training also includes group sessions focusing on full-body functional movements that incorporate the five components of fitness: muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance. muscle endurance, body composition and flexibility.


Each participant logs 100% of food and beverage consumption in an online journal. All participants are required to follow a reduced-calorie, low-fat, healthy diet consisting of:

  • Lean protein
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Whole grains
  • Three or more servings of fruit per day
  • Four or more servings of vegetables per day
  • No fried food
  • No fast food
  • No added sugar
  • A healthy breakfast each morning

Food journals are evaluated weekly by the program instructors, and weekly goals are set to ensure adequate nutrition for a healthy weight loss.

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and personal life can be challenging for our leaders. For the duration of the program, our leaders are encouraged to make time for themselves and their family.

For example, our leaders may schedule time for a date with their spouse each week, attend a school event for each of their children, participate in an old hobby or begin a new hobby. Our leaders also add stress-relieving activities, such as full-body massages or yoga.

Goals Achieved Together

Our inaugural group of nine executive leaders reported:

  • Pre-program average age felt: 52
  • Post-program average age felt: 42
  • Pre-program average weight: 288 pounds
  • Post-program average weight: 254 pounds (An average of 36 pounds lost per person)
  • Pre-program average blood pressure: 135/48
  • Post- program average blood pressure: 110/73

In addition to a decrease in stroke and coronary artery disease risk, medications for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol all decreased significantly.

Dr. John BoydSo, here I sit about 14 weeks later reflecting on my feelings and experience.  The one word that keeps coming to the forefront is “together."

Together we have gotten to know some great people.

Together, we all feel great and got there because of the support of the entire group. We have accomplished some great things together.  On January 3, who would have ever thought that we would say we only have to run six miles this weekend?!  Who would have thought that we would do planks for 40 – 50 seconds?!  I feel that we have developed an awesome bond among us.  My greatest fear is that without the group,we will falter and return to our old ways.  We have changed our lives and together we will be able to continue and maintain the new habits we have developed.

- Dr. John Boyd

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