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  • Make the Most of the "Dog Days" of Summer

    When the sun is shining, it’s hard to stay indoors. However, during the summer there are some things you can do to prevent accidents and still have a great time.

    "Play outside everyday that you can!" says Jessica Drigalla, MD, a pediatrician at McLane Children’s Scott & White Clinic - Belton. "It is good for your body and your mind, just try to be safe and prepared when you go."

    1. Limit Sun Exposure

    A good way to keep cool is to keep water nearby or wear light, long-sleeved clothing to minimize sun exposure. Take frequent breaks to cool off.

    2. Prevent Sunburn and Swimmers Ear

    Both sunburns and swimmer’s ear may need medical attention if severely hurting.

    3. Remember Swim Safety

    If your child is out swimming, be aware of his level of swim experience. Use flotation devices when needed while still actively watching your child at all times.

    4. Be Attentive to Children

    You should be paying attention to your child while free from distraction. Accidents, especially drowning, can be quiet.

    5. Be Careful Playing in the Road or Yard

    Always wear a helmet while riding a bike or skate board. Teach your child how to look both ways when crossing the street.