We offer support groups and a variety of treatment options to provide relief from movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease
Healthy eating doesn't have to be more expensive. Use these quick tips to stretch your dollar while choosing healthier foods.
Like blood donations, platelet donations - which prevent bleeding - save lives and cannot be manufactured.
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  • Primary Care at
    Baylor Scott & White Health

    Primary Care physicians (PCPs) are trained to treat people of all ages and conditions. Routine checkups, minor illness or injuries and overall wellness issues are all a part of a PCP's day. They also play an important role in managing your specialty care.

    Your primary care physician is here to answer all your questions, coordinate your care and follow along on your journey to a healthy life. This personal relationship enables your PCP to develop a unique medical plan, based on your medical and family history, that is tailored just for you.

    Dr. Edward Fasolino, Family Medicine physician, discusses
    your primary care physician's role in your wellness.


  • Wellness at Every Age

    Keeping your health in check is important at every stage of life. Regular visits with your primary care physician establish your baseline of wellness and also give you the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns.

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  • You-Centered Health Care

    With you at the center, our team works with you to create personalized, coordinated care to meet all of your needs and preferences, including arranging care with specialists on your behalf when needed. With this comprehensive view of your history, interests and concerns, your primary care physician serves as your trusted partner and advocate in keeping you and your family healthy.

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