• Blood Donations Are Needed

    As the weather heats up and summer gets underway, Scott & White prepares for a busy season and a significant increase in the number of trauma cases that come through their doors.

    “The uptick in traumatic injuries, particularly among the ‘high-risk' age group [teens and young adults] typically begins in May,” said Matthew Davis, MD, FACS, medical director for the trauma program for Scott & White Healthcare. “Students are graduating and out for vacation and, generally, there are more people outside doing water sports and other outdoor activities because it’s summertime."

    Walter Linz, MD, Medical Director, Blood Center

    Scott & White Blood Center medical director Walter Linz, MD, discusses the importance of blood donations.

    Scott & White Temple Hospital is the only designated Level 1 Trauma Center between Dallas and Austin. In addition to the team of experts, there is another aspect to being a Level 1 Trauma Center — blood supply.

    “We never know when someone’s going to need a significant amount of blood, particularly with a traumatic incident, so our inventories always have to be robust for all blood types, said Walter Linz, MD, medical director of the Scott & White Blood Center.