Autologous Transplant Program

Blood Stem Cell Transplant

At Scott & White, we strive for excellence in a collaborative environment that's focused on providing each patient with personalized, comprehensive, high-quality care.

Our transplant team specializes in autologous blood stem cell transplants for adults. That means we collect bone marrow stem cells from the patient's blood before the cells can be destroyed by cancer treatment. The patient can then get his own stem cells back after treatment. This is called a "rescue" transplant and results in restoring the lost bone marrow function.

Christian T. Cable, MD, FACP, Director

Christian T. Cable, MD, FACPDr. Cable is certified in blood and bone marrow transplantation, medical oncology and internal medicine, and has led the Scott & White Autologous Transplant Program since 2005. He and the transplant team have treated dozens of people and are now approaching their 50th patient.

Our FDA-regulated program is striving for accreditation from the Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), the gold standard for cellular therapy programs. Not only will the accreditation distinguish ours as a high-quality program, it will also help patients who will undergo the stem cell rescue. Insurance companies are more likely to cover transplant expenses if the facility is accredited by FACT.

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