Plastic Surgery

Scott & White began offering plastic surgery services in 1966. Since that time, we've developed a proud tradition of excellence in serving patients at home and abroad. For more than 45 years, our surgical specialists have transformed thousands of patients, helping them feel content and confident.

Scott & White's plastic surgery services include:

Patient-Focused Care

Whether you are a man or woman, old or young, we will recognize you as an individual and get to know your needs and concerns. We work from head to toe and coordinate with other specialties to ensure you receive the high quality care you deserve. Recognized with numerous awards and accreditations, you’ll trust our team of plastic surgeons, nurse clinicians, certified skin care specialists and support staff.

Specialized Centers and Programs

Scott & White continues to expand our services to better serve the region. For example, we developed the following specialized centers and programs so we can better target your healthcare:

  • Scott & White Hand Center where plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons come together to treat urgent trauma and chronic conditions of the hand
  • Cleft-Craniofacial Program teams in Temple and College Station — professional specialists who evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals with cleft lip and palate, and other craniofacial anomalies

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More About Our Services

Scott & White offers a full range of services and handles a variety of problems and concerns. Our most common reconstructive and cosmetic services are listed below.

Reconstructive surgery services include:

  • Cleft lip and palate repair to fix birth defects of the upper lip and roof of the mouth
  • Birthmark treatment or removal
  • Repair of abnormalities of the face or skull (craniofacial deformities)
  • Defect or deformity repair for burns, skin cancer, head and neck cancer and more
  • Treatment for traumatic facial and extremity deformities
  • Breast restoration to correct deformities or after removal (mastectomy)
  • Breast reduction to reduce size of breasts
  • Reattachment of a body part (microsurgical replantation) and tissue transfer
  • Hand treatment for bone, joint, tendon, nerve, blood vessel or soft tissue problems

Learn more about our work in Plastic Surgery Spotlight: What We Do - Patient Photos.

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Cosmetic surgery services include:

Cosmetic Surgery Center Locations
College Station
Round Rock

  • Tummy tuck to remove excess belly fat and skin, and improve its appearance (abdominoplasty)
  • Eyelid lift to repair sagging or drooping upper eyelids (blepharoplasty)
  • Body contouring surgery to shape underlying tissue while removing excess fat/skin
    after weight loss
  • Breast augmentation to change the size or
    shape of the breasts
  • Breast lift to lift sagging, loose breasts (mastopexy)
  • Buttock augmentation to sculpt or contour buttocks
  • Facelift to repair sagging, drooping and wrinkled skin of the face and neck
  • Fat removal (liposuction)
  • Ear setback surgery to reposition protruding ears closer to the head (otoplasty)
  • Nose services (rhinoplasty)
  • Spider vein treatment
  • Skin pigmentation treatment
  • Laser procedures, including skin rejuvenation and removal of age spots, spider veins, tattoos and unwanted hair

Additional skin care and medical cosmetic services available. For more information, please visit the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Scott & White website.

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Plastic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgeon
Marcin Czerwinski
Plastic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgeon
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