Nuclear Radiology

Radioimmunotherapy Provides Targeted Cancer Therapy

Like many other subspecialties in healthcare, nuclear radiology is finding new ways to not only diagnose diseases, but treat them as well. Radioimmunotherapy is a new type of targeted cancer therapy that combines a source of radiation, such as a radioisotope, with a component of the immune system, such as an antibody.

“The future of nuclear radiology treatment is with radioimmunotherapy,” Dr. Middleton said. “The drugs we use in this therapy are labeled to specific antibodies that treat lymphoma. These antibodies search the body and attach themselves to the cancer cells. A radioisotope also is delivered that attacks the cancer cells with radiation.”

Used as a third-tier treatment, radioimmunotherapy is designed to follow chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and is another powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

“With the new technology available to us in the field of radiology, we are poised to make some significant strides in combating cancer,” Dr. Middleton said. “What is unique at Scott & White is that we are part of a multi-disciplinary team that is dedicated to giving patients a new chance at life.”

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