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How We Measure Quality and SafetyHow We Measure Quality and Safety

To Scott & White, quality and safety is an overall look at your experience. There is not a simple way to measure these metrics, so we put effort into every patient interaction or process.

Quality can be measured by patient's opinions, compliance with procedures, or success of patient treatments. Even more, quality and safety can be measured by making sure you are treated with respect, taken care of efficiently, and comfortable with your care.

One way organizations measure quality and safety is through key metrics based on reports, opinions, or procedures. We take pride in our healthcare, and provide the following metrics as one way to analyze the level of your care.

Why We Post These ScoresWhy We Post These Scores

Under "Our Scores" you will find two sources of data, 1) Our most recent Core Measure Graphs and 2) below each hospital name you will find the quality and safety scores for Scott & White from Hospital Compare website which can be as at least nine months old. These scores are provided to give you a better understanding of our performance. Through posting our scores, we hold ourselves publicly accountable to continue to offer excellent care and remain the trusted choice for healthcare

About Our ScoresAbout Our Scores

Here is a quick overview of our scores so you can better understand these key metrics.

Origin of Our Scores

Our scores are based on the reports from Hospital Compare, created by an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Hospital Quality Alliance.

What Our Scores Measure

Some measures are very straightforward and objective, while some collect subjective data such as patient opinions. See some of the key indicators below.

Survey of Patients' Hospital Experiences
How we treated you and your needs during your recent hospital visit
Process of Care
How we reduce risks and provide care that's known to get the best results
Use of Medical Imaging
How we provide for your safety when using mammograms, MRIs and CT scans
How we keep your exposure to radiation and other risks low
How we follow-up with you and only run these tests if necessary
Outcome of Care Measures
How our death rates compare to the U.S. National Rate

Reliability of Scores

We display information so that it is understandable and helpful for you. While we attempt to ensure the accuracy of the data listed in our scores, we make no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the information reported. We do not have any control over or responsibility for the content of these sites, but list them as a helpful tool to report our quality metrics. We encourage you to analyze several factors in addition to these quality scores.

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