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The Alcohol and Drug Dependence Treatment Program is a comprehensive evening intensive outpatient program that addresses the whole person, not only their alcohol or drug use. The aim is to help those individuals and their families learn how to break the destructive cycle of addiction and replace it with healthy living. The Evening Treatment Program addresses the whole person by helping participants and their families break the destructive cycle by replacing it with healthy living, including education about chemical use and relapse prevention, and incorporation of 12-step principles. Participants who successfully complete the intensive program then advance to the Continuing Care group.

Use of alcohol and other drugs is multi-faceted and involves the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of your life. The treatment provided here is comprehensive and deals not only with the substance use itself but also with other problem areas. Substance use is a bio-psycho-social disease, meaning that your body (bio), mind (psycho) and relationships (social) can all be affected by your substance use behaviors. In light of this, it is truly helpful to invite each member of your family, as well as your true friends, to be part of your recovery treatment.

A treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs and is designed with your cooperation. Your medical needs will be assessed and recommendations will be made if indicated. You will be assigned a primary therapist/counselor when admitted to the program

Outpatient Care Programs

The Evening Treatment Program

The five-week ADDTP Outpatient Evening Program is located in the Scott & White Mental Health Center in Temple.

  • The Evening Treatment Program meets Monday through Thursday evenings to provide after-work rehabilitation for drug and alcohol use
  • The program involves a broad spectrum of treatment methods, including educational seminars/presentations, films with discussions on substance use disorders, group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, therapeutic recreation, family education programs and participation in 12-Step meetings.
  • The group therapy includes life skills, relapse prevention and educational programs
  • Family members who desire a better understanding of the nature of substance use and their own role in the recovery process are invited to participate in weekly educational programs held on Wednesday evenings.

The Senior Care Treatment Program

The ADDTP Outpatient Senior Care Program is located in the Baylor Scott & White Mental Health Center in Temple.

  • The Senior Care Treatment Program provides treatment for those seniors, starting at age 65, not desiring to participate in the Evening Intensive Outpatient Program
  • This program currently consists of time-limited individual therapy and/or educational sessions

Continuing Care

The weekly  Continuing Care group therapy sessions provide guidance and support during early and advanced stages of recovery to help participants maintain a clean-and-sober lifestyle for the long term. Following successful completion of the intensive five-week evening alcohol and drug rehabilitation evening program, these important sessions help patients and the family members continue drug-free/alcohol-free routines to help prevent relapse. Sessions are held in the Scott & White Mental Health Center in Temple.

  • These groups are designed for two years of follow-up, beginning immediately after successfully completing the five-week Evening Treatment Program, and meet every Tuesday evening.
  • To be considered as having a successful overall completion of the entire program, there is a required, separate treatment phase that includes a 30, 60, 90-day and one-year individual therapy session with the treatment staff

Our Team

The Baylor Scott & White Alcohol and Drug Dependence Treatment Program staff is skilled in the treatment of chemical use disorders as well as other mental health problems. With extensive experience in treating those with drug and alcohol problems, our staff works with patients during and after treatment to help ensure successful outcomes.

For those interested, medical and psychiatric services are available as needed throughout Baylor Scott & White Health.

Sabine Jefferson, LCDC
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Luis Rodriguez, LCDC
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Holly Lockhart, MSN, ACNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner

Jason Sapp, DO
Medical Director

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