Patient Financial Services

Information for patients covered by a health care plan

Baylor Scott & White Health will verify for active medical coverage with your health plan

We may provide information regarding your coverage and an estimate of the amount you may owe for your physician and hospital services. This amount may include a deductible, co-insurance, co-payment or charges for non-covered services and any outstanding balance amount.

We will bill your health plan for you

We will bill your health plan for you, including Medicare and Medicaid, for payment of physician and hospital services. If you have more than one health plan, Scott & Whie will bill all insurance companies. View a list of insurance companies Baylor Scott & White Health contracts with.

Medicare Patients

If you are Medicare-eligible and scheduled for outpatient services, please bring your physician’s order with you or be sure that your physician has provided it to the hospital before you arrive. If Medicare does not cover the services ordered, you may be asked to sign a Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice to confirm that you have been informed of your payment responsibility.

Worker’s Compensation

Our physicians and hospitals provide treatment for patients for work-related accidents. The patient is responsible for providing us with timely information for treatment of these injuries.  For the first visit for a work-related  injury, have the name and phone number for your employer so that we can contact them for approval for treatment. 

Auto Accidents

For treatment for an automobile accident injury, we understand you may not have the complete insurance information at the time of your first visit.  However, it is the patient’s responsibility to provide this information to us as soon as possible or the patient will be responsible for the charges. Baylor Scott & White Health does not bill auto liability insurance directly.  Patients with health insurance coverage will have those charges billed directly to their insurance company. Any coordination of benefits will need to occur between the patient’s auto insurance and health insurance plans. For those patients without health insurance, those charges will be billed as self pay.

What you can do to help us

Provide your complete health plan information when you register

This includes presenting a driver’s license or other form of identification, all insurance cards and authorization forms. We will ask you to sign a release of information and assign insurance benefits to the physician and hospital.

Understand and comply with the requirements of your health plan

Know your benefits, obtain proper authorization for services, submit referral or claim forms or completing a coordination of benefits form as your health plan may require. If you are scheduled for outpatient services, please bring your physician’s order and diagnosis with you or be sure your physician has provided it to the hospital before your arrival.

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