Scott & White Financial Assistance Policy

As part of Scott & White’s commitment to provide high quality, affordable healthcare services, we strive to ensure that the financial status of those who need these services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care.  To advocate for those in need, Scott & White has established a policy that provides guidance regarding financial assistance to eligible low-income patients related to charges for covered services provided by a Scott & White provider.

The Scott & White Financial Assistance PolicyPDF Document  has consistently been available for patients, however, there are changes to the policy went into effect September 1, 2012.  Below is a summary of the new changes to the policy.


Change Highlights

  • Policy will cover patients that reside in the Scott & White Healthcare service area
  • Policy will cover patients from 0 to 375% of the FPIL
  • Patients will be responsible for a percentage of their charges based on their federal poverty level
  • Patients will be required to re-apply every 6 months
  • We will work with patients to transition them to the new guidelines through the month of November so all patients who qualify for assistance will be following the new guidelines


If you have any questions regarding the policy, please call the Scott & White Business Office at (254) 724-2879.

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