About Pastoral Care

Our Vision:

Understanding that our relationship with God and one another is a primary component of healing, we will seek to represent Scott & White as a source of spiritual care and a multi-dimensional servant to Central Texas and beyond.

Our Mission:

Believing that spiritual care is an essential ingredient to healthcare, and understanding healing comes from our relationship with God and one another, we enter into relationships with others that renew courage and hope.

Scott & White is a place where the spiritual dimensions of the patient and the healing processes are addressed and nurtured. Persons are not merely physical bodies requiring care. Healthcare professionals acknowledge that patients desire holistic care as they seek healing.

One's spirituality helps to maintain mental and physical health, cope with illnesses, loss, tragedy and life transitions by integrating the body, mind and spirit. Persons often turn to their spirituality in a time of crisis.

The Department of Pastoral Care provides a supporting ministry to people facing what are often frightening, frustrating, discouraging or anxious times. Chaplains are important members of the patient's healing team. They have the training and experience to respond professionally and confidentially to people of all faiths.

Additionally, the Department of Pastoral Care is a liaison to the community, helping to coordinate the ministry of the local clergy within the hospital and providing them with necessary supports. Spiritual leaders of all religions are welcome to visit their members.

Injury and illness affects our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and can impact our relationships in various ways. Professional chaplains offer spiritual care to all who are in need.

The chaplain's special focus of caring is directed to helping patients and their families find meaning, purpose and value in their given situation. Chaplains have specialized training to assist the person in mobilizing resources in order to cope more effectively.

Chaplains maintain confidentiality and provide an environment of sensitivity to multi-cultural and multi-faith realities. Fostering an environment where spiritual and religious preferences are respected is of utmost importance. In addition, chaplains assist patients and their families in understanding the dynamics of the healthcare setting.

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