Scott & White welcomes the EMTF-7 AMBUS

- Multi-patient vehicle provides transport for mass casualty or large-scale events-

TEMPLE, Texas – Scott & White Healthcare welcomed the Emergency Medical Task Force Region 7 (EMTF-7) Ambulance Bus (AMBUS) to its McLane Children’s and Memorial Hospital campuses for the first time today.  This valuable asset is assigned to the Central Texas area, however, it can be used across the state for incidents, such as multi-vehicle accidents, firefighter rehabilitation during large scale events, or as a medical standby unit at triage staging areas where numerous patients may be involved.

"The AMBUS increases the medical community’s ability to deliver quality patient care and transport during tragic multi-casualty events," said Taylor Ratcliff, MD, Scott & White emergency medicine and EMTF-7 team physician. "Whether a small or large-scale event, the AMBUS is equipped to meet these challenges with mobile intensive care (MICU) resources and a staff of great paramedics, allowing for continuous monitoring and communication while enroute to the hospital.  This gives us the edge in our response to emergency situations and capability of treating larger numbers of patients at a time."

The EMTF-7 AMBUS, which is based at an Austin/Travis County EMS facility, is one of 13 identically configured AMBUSes that have entered service across Texas in the last three years.  The AMBUSes are configured to transport 18-bed confined, 24-seated or 10-wheelchair bound individuals. All of the AMBUSes are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as an ambulance and carry all of the same equipment and medical supplies that you would find on any other ambulance, except they carry enough for 20 patients.  The EMTF-7 AMBUS is the first ambulance bus for this region and has been designated as MPV 7-01, or Multi-Patient Vehicle – EMTF Region 7 – Bus Number 1.

"These units provide flexibility and scale to our response capabilities like never before," said Curtis McDonald, EMTF-7 coordinator. “With one unit we can monitor and rehab fire fighters battling fires in 100+ degree heat, then an hour later transport multiple patients from a car wreck, then move 18 patients from a nursing home that needs to be evacuated. This single asset takes the place of 10 ambulances. That’s 10 ambulances that most communities don’t have to spare."

EMTF-7 covers 29 counties in Central Texas, including Austin, Temple, Waco and Bryan/College Station.  Statewide there are eight EMTF regions, which are part of the Texas Disaster Medical System (TDMS), a newly created support function designed to facilitate the planning and activation of emergency medical resources in times of critical need.

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September 6, 2013

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