HIV Clinic

Congratulations for taking the first steps

image of HIV illustrationHIV stands for the human immunodeficiency virus. This virus slowly attacks the immune system, putting a person at risk for certain types of infections and cancers.

AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is the result of the HIV virus going untreated. Medicines can help prevent the decline of the immune system.

So, you've been diagnosed with HIV

Whether you have been referred to our program or you are seeking a treatment program, we're here to partner with you for a healthy life.

Our social worker, Amy, will set up your first appointment with an infectious disease provider. She will continue to be your point of contact for many lifestyle transitions - obtaining medication, managing your medication, counseling, or coping with your chronic disease. She has a good ear and can help.

Call us for an appointment at 254-724-2264.

This is the start of building a team of specialists, focused on your illness.

Haven't been tested?

Find local free or low cost confidential testing sites through National HIV and STD Testing Resources.


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