Scott & White Wellness Center - Brenham

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Scott & White Wellness Center - Brenham provides services and screenings aimed at improving the health and well-being citizens in a seven-county area. Most services can be brought directly to your business, congregation or community. The wellness center's programs have been recognized by American Hospital Association, Texas Hospital Association and Catholic Health Association of Texas.

Our American Diabetes Association-recognized Diabetes Center offers a variety of resources for area diabetics including one-on-one education, group classes and a diabetes refresher class. The center is coordinated by a Registered Dietician (RD). Most services are covered by Medicare and health insurance.

Wellness Programs

Better Breathers

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Developed by the American Lung Association, this monthly support group is for people with chronic lung disease along with their family, friends and support persons. The group provides disease-specific education and emotional support in group discussion and lecture format.

Diabetes Support Group

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This support network for adults with diabetes provides a time and a place for people coping with diabetes to give and receive support in dealing with a condition that can be demanding and challenging. Through group discussion and lectures from specialists, you can share your experiences, gain support and understanding, and improve your diabetes self-care. Scott & White’s diabetes support group program can help you explore issues important to you and help you begin to make life changes.

Chronic Disease Self-Management

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A community class about learning to self-manage your chronic disease.

A Matter of Balance

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This class is specifically designed to reduce the fear of falling, stop the fear of falling cycle, and improve activity levels among community-dwelling older adults.

Program includes:
  • Exercises to improve strength, coordination and balance
  • Mutual problem solving
  • Group discussions
  • Home safety evaluation


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This ongoing senior exercise program includes flexibility, cardiovascular, balance, and strength exercises.


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This statewide fitness program was developed by the Department of Aging Disability Services to educate and involve Texans and their families in physical activities and proper nutrition. The Texercise program promotes activities among individual, as well as community events that support fitness in all areas of life.

Texercise can help you:
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Minimize the impact of disease
  • Reduce the cost of medical care

Fit and Strong

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Fit & Strong!™ is an award-winning, evidence-based physical activity and behavioral program developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Research on Healthy Aging, proven to improve arthritis symptoms and promote an active lifestyle!

Program includes:
  • Low-impact aerobics, strength exercises, flexibility, and balance training
  • Includes use of ankle weights to promote lower extremity muscle strengthening
  • Group discussions focused on exercise safety, arthritis management, and more