Cerebral Palsy, Neuromuscular/Tone and Spina Bifida Team Clinics

The team clinics are scheduled for the first, second and third Wednesday mornings of every month at  Desk 4B, the Children’s Sub-Specialty treatment area, at Scott & White Clinic - Temple. Periodically, a clinic may be canceled due to unforeseen adjustments with the team members’ schedules. Each clinic date may include a combination of patients enrolled in any on these teams: Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or Neuromuscular/Tone.

On a team day, 8-10 patients are scheduled to receive appropriate follow-up assessments by the individual team members. At that time decisions are made with the family regarding the future care of the child. This may include consideration for a stretching program, follow-up evaluation for new or additional equipment, medications, Botox injections, lab work, X-rays, surgery or referrals to other specialists. This information is compiled in a Comprehensive Treatment Plan which is signed by the family and made available to them.

The children’s progress is reviewed annually at a team clinic. In a few rare cases, the needs of the child may require more frequent assessments by the entire team. The family is encouraged throughout the year to keep follow-up appointments with the individual team members as deemed necessary and referral consults to other specialists as needed.

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