Center for Operations Excellence

Patient safety is a primary focus at Scott & White Healthcare, and Lean management and performance tracking foster quality improvements and a culture of safety throughout the system. Scott & White follows the Toyota Lean management process for improving the organization. By utilizing waste and cost-cutting methodologies, efficiencies and cost savings are found throughout the system.

Building a Patient Safety-Centered AP Lab

In the anatomic pathology (AP) lab at Scott & White's hospital in Temple, leaders leveraged Lean workflow methodology to build a patient safety-centered lab that included automated instrumentation, barcoding technology and process standardization across multiple locations. By using the Lean tools provided by Scott & White, the AP lab has created new protocols changing and enhancing the way their practice is run.

Tools We Used

The following tools were used by the AP lab and are useful for organization and support actions required to reduce and eliminate waste ... the core of Lean Thinking. There are many tools available; different tools work better for different situations.

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