Alternate Therapies for Melanoma

Your Integrated Care Team may recommend one or more alternate therapies for your melanoma if you are not a good candidate for surgery.

In some cases, alternate therapies are recommended as salvage therapy for patients whose cancer has returned.


In this procedure, your physician will destroy your cancerous lesion by freezing it. This procedure is not useful for most melanomas, but it might have some value in specific situations.

For example, it may be effective for smaller melanomas in the eye, a location that is difficult to treat with traditional surgery. It may be useful to eliminate cancer cells that remain after standard surgery for lentigo maligna melanomas, an unusual form of melanoma that has a wide surface and is difficult to treat.


Immunotherapy uses drugs to boost your own immune system. Immunotherapy after surgery may help prevent recurrence in some cases. These medicines are usually given along with chemotherapy, other immunotherapies, or both.

At Scott & White, we offer ipilimumab, a new monoclonal antibody for melanoma patients. It has shown some ability to prolong the life of metastatic melanoma patients.

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