Treating Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Types 1 & 2

Our Tumor Board Sets Us Apart

As a patient at Scott & White, in addition to having a highly experienced Integrated Care Team, you'll also benefit from the expertise of the Scott & White Tumor Board.

Led by senior staff, our multidisciplinary, collaborative board of endocrine cancer experts not only discuss standard approaches to care, they also formulate patient-specific treatment plans. This treatment planning approach helps ensure you receive the highest quality, individualized care.

With the benefits of far-reaching advancements in diagnostic imaging, surgical techniques and drug therapies, managing your lifelong multiple endocrine neoplasia has become much easier.

The endocrine surgeons here at Scott & White are specifically trained to help you control the symptoms and progression of this inherited disease. They are experts in the field of endocrine tumors, performing hundreds of endocrine surgeries each year.

“I have more than twenty years experience in the clinical management of multiple endocrine neoplasia — in the diagnosing, treatment and genetics of these unusual syndromes,” says Terry C. Lairmore, MD, Endocrine Surgeon and Chief of Surgical Oncology.

If diagnostic tests or genetic testing reveal the presence of multiple endocrine neoplasia, types 1 or 2, your physician will meet with a group of specialists and subspecialists to discuss the best treatment options for you.

At Scott & White, a multidisciplinary Integrated Care Team works in collaboration to provide you with the most advanced care available. Your team will include health care professionals from a variety of disciplines, which can include:

Your Integrated Care Team meets together in a Tumor Board to discuss the specifics of your care. Once they determine the best treatment plan for you, your lead physician will discuss the team’s recommendations with you. Together, you and your lead physician will decide which treatment is best for you.

“We have a comprehensive, interdisciplinary cancer treatment program at Scott & White,” says Dr. Lairmore.Our approach at Scott & White is to explore every treatment option, considering surgical and nonsurgical alternatives. In many cases, your cancer treatment will include a combination of approaches.

Your Treatment Options for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia

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