Scott & White Rapid Recovery Joint Program

The Scott & White Rapid Recovery Joint Program was started in March of 2007 to help patients undergoing hip and knee replacements. As part of the Bone and Joint Institute, this rapid and intensive rehabilitation program aims at getting patients back on their feet more quickly — often in three days or less!

“The program's goal is to provide specific education and encouragement for our patients, helping them recover more quickly and with improved outcomes. Our doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and everyone else on the team are involved in this rapid recovery program to ensure that patients get the best care they can and return home faster.”

Kirby D. Hitt, MD, Director of the Scott & White Division of Adult Reconstructive Surgery

The Trail Ride

Our western-themed "Trail Ride" makes each patient the trail boss of his or her own recovery. Patients can set their own pace as we chart their progress through the program. In addition, friends and family members get involved as “scouts” to help encourage their loved ones to finish the trail ride on time.

Scott & White Trail Ride Rapid Recovery Joint Program

“We want this to be a team effort — the patient, the patient’s family/friend and the healthcare providers,” said Christine Payne, RN, C,ONC, Joint Replacement Program Coordinator. “A patient’s spouse, son or daughter, or good friend needs to be involved in their recovery, so we have created a way to involve them as the ‘scout’ to coach and encourage the patient through the continuum of care.”

In addition to being "wrangled" by their friends and family, the staff hopes some friendly competition among patients helps them progress through the program more quickly.

“The patients are able to push each other, and they measure their progress against fellow patients,” Payne said. “They help encourage each other to finish their ‘trail ride’ on time.

Traditionally, patients who undergo joint replacement surgery spend five to six days in the hospital. With Scott & White's rapid recovery program, however, patients are out of the hospital in about three days and feeling better about the results.

“This kind of program is important to the recovery of patients,” Dr. Hitt added. “We teach them therapies and techniques that they can do at home, too, so that adds to their success. We also teach the ‘scout’ how to help at home, which keeps them active in the patient’s care.”

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