Scrotal Hematoma

Scrotal hematoma is the collection of blood inside the sac (scrotum) that contains the testicles, the blood vessels that serve the testicles, and the structures that help deliver sperm and semen. The rich blood supply in this area makes it easy for a significant amount of blood to collect in the scrotum even after a minor injury or a small operation like a vasectomy. In addition, the tissues in the scrotum are very loose. There is no pressure from the surrounding tissue to help stop bleeding once it starts.


Monitor your hematoma for any changes. The following actions may help to alleviate any discomfort you are experiencing:

  • Apply ice to the injured area:

  • Put ice in a plastic bag.

  • Place a towel between your skin and the bag.

  • Leave the ice on for 20 minutes, 2–3 times a day.

  • Use scrotal support.

  • Take appropriate pain medications prescribed by your health care provider.

  • Minimize physical activity and avoid any activities that would place direct pressure on the scrotum and penis (such as bicycling and horseback riding).

  • Avoid sexual activity until advised otherwise by your health care provider.

  • If your health care provider has given you a follow-up appointment, it is very important to keep that appointment.


  • You have cloudy or dark urine.

  • You have frequent urination.

  • You develop scrotal swelling that does not improve as expected after 4 days.


  • You develop recurrent or severe pain that is not controlled by prescribed medicine.

  • You have nausea or vomiting.

  • There is increased swelling of the scrotum.

  • You have increased abdominal pain.

  • You have a fever or chills.

  • You have difficulty starting urination.

  • You have painful urination.

  • Your urine flow is slow.

  • There is blood in your urine.

  • You are unable to urinate.

  • You experience redness spreading from your scrotum into your groin or thighs.


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.