Adenoviruses are viruses that usually cause breathing problems. They may also cause other illnesses, such as stomach flu, bladder infection, and rashes.


Adenoviruses are passed by direct contact. This can happen from touching the contaminated hands of someone who has just gone to the bathroom. It can also be passed through contaminated water.

  • You may have the virus and give it to others without being sick yourself.

  • Some types of this virus occur naturally in most parts of the world. Most of these infections occur in children.

  • Epidemics are often centered around swimming pools and small lakes. Symptoms can include fever and pink eye.

  • Adenovirus 7 is a specific virus gotten by breathing in the virus. It typically causes severe problems in the breathing system. Patients who get the adenovirus by the mouth usually have less severe symptoms. Adenovirus caught by breathing in the virus is more common in the late winter, spring, and early summer.


Symptoms vary and can include:

  • Common cold symptoms.

  • Pneumonia.

  • Croup.

  • Bronchitis.

Patients with HIV, transplant patients, and some cancer patients are more likely to have severe problems. Acute respiratory disease (ARD) can be caused by adenovirus in crowded conditions.

These viruses are not easily killed with common cleaning products.


Blood tests can be used to identify the problem.


Most infections are mild and require no therapy. The symptoms can be treated to make the patient comfortable.