Well-Woman Care

Getting your annual well-woman exam is vital to your health, even if you look and feel healthy.

This preventive care exam screens for cancer and other problems that are often undetectable otherwise. During this exam, your primary care physician or gynecologist performs various tests to screen for cancer and other problems. It's an important part of your overall health maintenance.

An annual well-woman exam includes:

  • Consultation with your doctor about any concerns
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Pelvic check
  • Pap smear (if needed)
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol test (every five years)

Other available screenings include:

  • Mammography (every one to two years for women ages 40 and over)
  • Cardiac screening for women with risk factors
  • Colonoscopy (every 10 years after age 50 unless risk factors present)
  • Basic skin cancer screening
  • Bone density screening (for women with risk factors)
  • Thyroid disease and cancer checks (for post-menopausal women according to symptoms)

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