Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Micus

Dr. Kimberly Micus

What led me to Scott & White was its emphasis on family.

Why did you decide to become an Ob/Gyn?

I wanted the opportunity to form long-term relationships with my patients from teenagers through childbearing years, menopause and beyond. I enjoy the diversity that being an Ob/Gyn provides. Being an Ob/Gyn allows me to provide ongoing care to my patients; both in the clinical and hospital settings.

What inspires you about your work as an Ob/Gyn?

I am inspired by what a privilege it is to take care of patients on such a personal level. I enjoy getting to know patients and their families, and being trusted to help guide them through the experience of childbirth.

What are some of the most important things you feel a patient needs above and beyond standard care?

A patient needs to be part of the decision making process and to know she has my attention and concern in her care. She needs to know I will provide her care safely and that my medical judgment will be unbiased.

Why do you feel it is important to build relationships with your patients and give personalized care?

I believe that only by working together; my patients and I are able to solve their most difficult problems. I want my patients to trust that I want the best for their health. This requires the building of long-standing relationships.

What led you to practice at Scott & White? What benefits do you feel you can offer patients at Scott & White that would not be available in other practice settings?

What led me to Scott & White was its emphasis on family. What keeps me at Scott & White is its emphasis on excellence. I enjoy a respectful and collegial relationship with all providers at Scott & White and know this benefits my patients by allowing me access to all medical fields when needed by one of my patients. Our electronic system allows me to access care provided to my patients instantly. I have every available specialist to assist me in taking care of my patients at Scott & White. All providers are required to be board certified in their respective field of practice.

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