Q&A with Dr. Jenny Brakovec

Dr. Jenny Brakovec

I treat my patients how I would want myself and my family to be treated.

Why did you decide to become an Ob/Gyn?

I find the variety that the specialty offers exciting. Also, I enjoy that I can take care of a women through the various stages of her life and the long-term relationship that I have the potential of establishing with patients.

What inspires you about your work as an Ob/Gyn?

I am inspired that I have the privilege of taking care of a women during the most important times in her life including childbirth and beyond.

What are some of the most important things you feel a patient needs above and beyond standard care?

I believe patients need a doctor that is looking out for their best interest on a personal level. I treat my patients how I would want myself and my family to be treated.

Why do you feel it is important to build relationships with your patients and give personalized care?

I think that having a personalized relationship with patients allows for better overall care. Patients benefit when a physician understands their personal needs.

What led you to practice at Scott & White? What benefits do you feel you can offer patients at Scott & White that would not be available in other practice settings?

I completed my residency at Scott and White and decided stay because I believe that patients get excellent and comprehensive care within the system. I like that I can refer my patients to various other specialists within Scott and White and trust that they will get the same great care that I would expect for myself and my family as well.

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