Assisted Reproductive Technologies Success Rates

The experience of couples undergoing the cycles of advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) are provided within subgroups based on maternal age.

Also, cryopreservation of embryos with subsequent thaw and transfer has become common. The recent experience for such cycles is also provided.

The likelihood of success leading to the birth of a live infant is influenced by multiple factors. Couples considering these technologies should consult with specialists in reproductive endocrinology for advice on the most appropriate procedures and likelihood of a successful outcome.

All ART for most recent 200 initiated cycles with assessments to at least clinical pregnancies regardless of method, IVF and ICSI

Age < 35 35-39 40+
Number of cycles initiated*
114 61 25 200
Number of retrievals (% of cycles initiated) 97 (85) 48 (79) 15 (60) 160 (80)
Number of retrievals resulting in fertilized embryos for transfer or cryopreservation (% of retrievals) 93 (96) 44 (98) 15 (100) 155 (97)
Number of transfers (% of retrievals)**
90(93) 44 (92) 15 (100) 149 (93)
Number of clinical pregnancies (% of transfers) 48 (53) 19 (43) 7 (47) 74 (50)
Number of pregnancy loses (% of clinical pregnancies) 5 (10) 4 (21) 3 (43) 12 (16)

*Patients responding too rapidly or too slowly discontinue stimulation and return later to reinitiate with reduced or increased dosages of hormones

**Sometimes conditions occur that place patients at increased risk for complications if embryo transfer is conducted in the treatment cycle. In such cases, embryos are cryopreserved to transfer in a subsequent spontaneous or artificial cycle.

Thaw of cryopreserved embryos for most recent 50 cases regardless of maternal age and number of embryos available for transfer

Number of cycles initiated*** 58
Number of cycles with embryos thawed (% of cycles initiated) 50 (86)
Number of transfers (% of cycles with thawed embryos) 50 (100)
Number of clinical pregnancies (% of transfers) 21 (42)
Number of pregnancy losses (% of clinical pregnancies) 2 (10

***Sometimes conditions occur during initial phase of cycle that suggest reduced potential for successful outcome. In such cases, embryos are not thawed, but continue to be stored for transfer in a subsequent spontaneous or artificial cycle.

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