About Women's Health Services

Comprehensive Care for Every Stage of Life

Scott & White, as a multi-specialty clinic and hospital, can provide comprehensive healthcare to women at every stage of their lives.

From screening for major disease areas that affect women, to targeted medical and surgical therapy; from prenatal care and delivery, to safe options for family planning, the healthcare providers at Scott & White provide the comprehensive services required.

Scott & White provides primary care in the clinic areas, secondary care in complicated obstetrical problems and tertiary care in advanced infertility technology, gynecologic cancers, pelvic reconstructive surgery and high-risk obstetrical areas.

Important support from our colleagues in mammography, anesthesiology, pediatrics, laboratory support and all other specialty areas at Scott & White contribute valuable services to total healthcare for women.

Community Education

Community healthcare education comprises another important mission of our department and the Scott & White/Texas A&M Health Sciences Center.

Community education initiatives include many classes in the clinic, hospital and community and school seminars that cover common problems affecting women and families.

The Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology is the major contributor in very important community programs that include sex education, sexual assault teams, teenage pregnancy clinics and maternity shelters and our Central Texas Family Planning/Gynecology Screening clinics. Valuable contributions are also provided by colleagues from the departments of pediatrics, family medicine and medicine.

Women's Health Research

The Division of Research in the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology coordinates valuable investigative projects of the senior and resident staff, our nurses and our medical students.

Our scientists and our physician researchers are on the cutting edge of common healthcare problems that affect the contemporary woman.

The Baden Pelvic Surgery Center, housed in the Gynecology Division, includes both urogynecology and gynecology oncology. The center is recognized internationally for its multidisciplinary approach to complicated surgical problems and its related research. We are very proud of the professionals and the programs that are dedicated to women’s health.

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