Fitness Journals

Plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals with a fitness journal!
10 Goes a Long Way!

It can be very difficult to be overweight and have low energy levels. Obesity has greatly increased the risk of many degenerative diseases that are impacting today's world.

Did you know that simply losing as little as 10% of your current body weight can make a difference in your health? A weight loss of 10% or more can improve the complications most commonly associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, hypertension, osteoarthritis and other risk factors for chronic diseases. Numerous studies show that weight loss, even if only 5-10%, significantly improves ones health!

Being physically active can make you more energetic, improve your mood, and risk of developing some chronic diseases. Physical activity also helps you feel, move, and look better.

Why keep an exercise log? Whether your goal is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight or improve your health, becoming physically active is a step in the right direction. Studies have shown that keeping an exercise log is a great way to maintain a consistent workout plan.

A workout journal only takes a few minutes out of your training session and is beneficial in helping you reach your goals. You will be able to track your progress, stay motivated, and see results.

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