Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Eat Food, Not Chemicals

Dawn Sears, MD, Medical Director for Scott & White Wellness, discusses the dangers of high fructose corn syrup found in many of our every day processed foods and beverages and how you can ensure your family avoids consuming unhealthy chemicals.

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Your body is like a turbo engine.
It's all about the fuel you feed it.

Scott & White Staff are making changes to improve our health and this includes eating more healthful foods. We know that eating well has benefits such as improvement in mood, providing the body with the energy it needs to support our daily activities and maximizing our overall physical health. 

Whether you are eating out, or preparing meals at home, learn about the tools our Staff use to help us eat healthy and live healthy!

Healthy Recipes

The Scott & White Biggest Loser Challenge is one of our most popular challenges, with over 6,000 Scott & White staff and spouses participating since 2008.  The key to successful weight loss includes a healthy diet. Staff in the challenge, contributed healthy, tasty recipes that are available for you to use.  Whether you need new ideas on a healthy snack for the kids, or you are making a holiday meal, the Recipe for Health Cookbook PDF Document will provide ingredients, preparation instructions, and nutritional content.

Other Useful Tips

Navigating the Grocery Store: How to Shop Healthy

Our Scott & White Wellness Team provides a list of healthy foods that you should have in your kitchen to ensure that you and your family are eating a healthy, nutritious diet.

A healthy diet includes a variety of foods from all the major food groups, such as grains & breads, fruit & vegetables, milk & dairy and meat. Promoting healthy eating habits begin at the grocery store. Guide your cart through the aisles with a Well-Stocked Kitchen Shopping List and make your next trip a healthy shopping experience. Be creative… healthy food tastes good!

Find shopping tips and decode food labels.

Other Useful Tips

Dining out? Plan Ahead!

Avoid overeating and keep your new lifestyle in balance by planning ahead before dining out to ensure that you and your family are eating healthy. Eating healthy is a challenge when eating out but it doesn’t have to be.

Planning ahead by deciding where to eat and what to eat before going out will help you make better options and eat healthy! Most restaurants, both large chains and local restaurants, have a website with a complete menu and often nutritional content as well. Before dining out, visit the restaurant website to decide what to order before going.

Quick Dining Out Tips

  • Be aware of hidden high calories and high fat add-ons and make healthy substitutions to make your dining choices healthier.
  • Share a meal - Most meals have more than twice the amount of calories you need for a meal. Adopt a new rule to always share your meal with a friend.
  • Best advice - Prepare a healthy lunch from home and visit restaurants only on special occasion.

Dine Right!

Starting in Temple, restaurant owners and managers are participating in the new Dine Right Temple program designed to encourage healthier options for dining out in our community. Sponsored by Scott & White and Get Fit Temple! Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness. If you see the Dine Right emblem when eating out, you know you are making a healthy choice.

Dine Right Temple Restaurants:

Great American Grill (at the Hilton Garden Inn) -
1749 Scott Blvd., Temple, TX 76501

Schlotzsky's Deli
2668 S. 31st Street, Temple, TX 76504

3403 S. 31st Street, Temple, TX 76501
1601 W. Adams Ave., Temple, TX 76501

McLane Dining Room (at Scott & White Hospital - Temple)
2401 S. 31st Street, Temple, TX 76508

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