About the Trauma Center

What is a Trauma Center?

A trauma center is a specialized hospital distinguished by the immediate availability of personnel, equipment and services to treat the most severe and critical injuries. Trauma is defined as any injury to the body, and is often referred to as the neglected disease of the 21st century. Main causes of trauma are falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults and shootings.

The Health Resources and Services Administration reports that trauma-related injuries in the United States are estimated to exceed 160,000 deaths each year, ranking as the fifth most common cause of death. Trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans 44 and younger, with children and youth comprising 25 percent of all traumatic deaths. But most alarmingly it is estimated that 60 percent of all injury deaths in the U.S. occur in rural areas — even though only 20 percent of the nation’s population live there.*

How is a Level 1 Trauma Center Defined?

Trauma centers are categorized into four levels: A Level 1 (I) trauma center provides the most comprehensive care, while a Level 4 (IV) trauma center provides the most basic care. As the only Level 1 trauma center located between Dallas and Austin, the Scott & White Trauma Center plays a vital role in the care of injured patients.

A Level 1 center like Scott & White is defined as a facility that:

  • Is a regional resource hospital that is central to a trauma care system.
  • Provides total care for every aspect of injury, from prevention through rehabilitation.
  • Maintains resources and personnel for patient care, education and research (usually in a university-based teaching hospital).
  • Provides leadership in education, research and system planning to all hospitals caring for injured patients in the region.

The standard for a Level 1 I trauma center is 1,200 or more trauma-related admissions per yea,r with at least 240 of those being classified as major trauma. In 2009, Scott & White cared for 958 major trauma patients.

Every Department and Every Staff Member at Scott & White is Part of the Trauma Team

A trauma center is successful because of the expertise of everyone involved. The Scott & White Trauma Center utilizes the services of many specialties, including orthopedics, general surgery, rehabilitation, plastic surgery and more. These specialists are available 24/7 to provide care to the hundreds of trauma patients who come through ours doors. In addition, they are supported by a staff of nurses, therapists, social workers and injury prevention specialists.

Trauma Transfer Hotline: 1-877-427-4159

The Trauma Center has a special phone number for referring a patient to the Center. This hotline provides an automatic transfer to an accepting physician and is intended to streamline the process and reduce the time spent on the phone.

The Trauma Administrative Office is responsible for managing the Scott & White trauma program and can be contacted at 254-724-8202.


Scott & White offers courses designed to enhance the skills of medical professionals involved in the care of injured patients.

Training for the Future

Scott & White is a leader in developing new technologies and treatments. This know-how is shared by:


Scott & White is a recognized leader in research. Through interdisciplinary involvement, on-going studies offer cutting-edge advances in trauma care. Current areas of investigation at Scott & White include management of burns, vascular permeability in trauma, cervical spine injuries, and trauma in the elderly.


  • Injury prevention program support, development and implementation
  • Active participation in the Texas Department of State Health Services Central Texas Regional Advisory Council
  • Support for facilities seeking trauma center designation
  • Educational support for pre-hospital and hospital personnel

*Source: http://datawarehouse.hrsa.gov/

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