Who is Eligible for a Lung Transplant?

Your care team and other medical experts form the transplant review committee. The committee will review your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for lung transplantation. Your care team must ask two critical questions:

1.  How sick is the patient from a lung standpoint?

Providers want to know if you will ultimately benefit from surgery, or if other methods can be used to prolong your life.

2. What are the patient's medical conditions?

Your medical care team must decide if any of your previous conditions will affect the outcome of a transplant. Do these conditions put you at high risk for complications? Your providers want to be confident that you can tolerate the surgery.

The Ideal Transplant Candidate

  • Age <65 years
  • A responsible citizen who will be compliant with medications, diet and lifestyle
  • Should not be a substance abuser, smoker or someone abusing alcohol
  • Someone with adequate family/caregiver support
  • Should not be obese (body mass index less than 30)
  • No mental illness
  • Must be in remission or at least five years, if a cancer patient
  • No osteoporosis
  • Not in end-stage diabetes
  • Should not have liver disease or end-stage kidney disease
  • Should not have an active infection

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