Kidney Donor Programs

Scott & White is currently involved in two kidney donor programs:

Both programs are described below.

For Additional Information

  • Living kidney donation: Please call our Live Donor Coordinator at 254-724-5522.
  • Paired kidney exchange: Call 254-724-5522 or visit the Alliance for Paired Donations website.

Scott & White Live Donor Program

Our Live Donor Program give patients in need of a kidney the opportunity to receive a donated kidney from a relative, friend, or an anonymous donor. In order to become a live donor, the interested person must undergo a number of tests to make sure there are no risks to becoming a kidney donor.

A living donor can be:

  • A Living Related Donor (LRD) can be any member of the patient's family that wants to help the patient receive a kidney.
  • A person who knows the patient and wants to donate a kidney.
  • A person who wants to donate a kidney anonymously to a patient in need. This type of donor is often referred to as an altruistic donor.

A donor kidney may be transplanted to its recipient at Scott & White or, if the kidney is not a good match, it can be donated to a paired kidney exchange program (described below).

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Paired Kidney Exchange Program

Scott & White is the only center between Dallas and San Antonio that offers transplant candidates access to paired kidney exchange. Scott & White partners with the Alliance for Paired Donations to help transplant candidates find a match faster and sometimes before having to undergo dialysis.

How does the exchange program work?

Here's a typical example:

  • Donor A wants to donate a kidney to Recipient A, but the organ is not a match.
  • Donor A and Recipient A are entered into the Alliance for Paired Donations registry.
  • By adding their names and stats to the registry, the desired outcome is that Donor A will find a matching recipient, and Recipient A will find a donor match.

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