Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Success Story: Veronica Martinez

Veronica Martinez after bariatric surgery Veronica Martinez after bariatric surgery

I had never ridden a roller coaster before. It was fun!

— Veronica Martinez: Gastric Bypass Surgery, 2008

"I started gaining weight around age 18-19. Over the next eight years, I gained about 70 pounds. Shortly after I got married, we wanted to start a family. My primary care physician encouraged me to lose weight first and recommended I have weight-loss surgery. Instead, I tried to lose weight on my own but wasn’t successful.

"After three of my close relatives died, I turned to food for comfort and gained another 30 pounds. I was constantly going out to eat. I would have an appetizer, main course, dessert and alcohol. I was snacking between meals all the time. Then, in 2006, I found out I had diabetes. I decided to have gastric bypass surgery to improve my health."

Veronica Martinez before bariatric surgery Veronica Martinez before bariatric surgery

It’s been 16 months since the surgery, and Veronica has lost 96 pounds. She says she is happy with her weight now but will continue working toward her goal of losing 20 more pounds.

Veronica's diet has changed significantly. She now eats a lot of turkey, fish, chicken and salads and has stopped snacking between meals. She now goes out to eat only about twice a month. "I like to cook because I know what’s going into the food I’m preparing."

Veronica says her blood sugar is normal now and she no longer has to take diabetes or cholesterol medication. She has been faithful about taking her vitamins, and she walks an hour a day. She is hoping to have children someday.

"I enjoy traveling. When we went to the Grand Canyon recently, I was able to hike up and down steep areas, whereas I would not have been able to do that before." And when Veronica went to Disney World, she was able to ride the rides comfortably. "I had never ridden a roller coaster before. It was fun!"

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