Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (LVSG) - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

This procedure dramatically restricts the amount of food and calories you can consume by removing a large section of the sack-like portion of your stomach.

The Surgery

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy illustrationVertical sleeve gastrectomy illustration

A tube is placed along the smaller curve of the stomach from the esophagus to the beginning of the small intestine. This tube acts as a guide to ensure your new, smaller stomach is a consistent width.

A surgical stapling device is then used to divide the stomach and remove the larger curve of the stomach from your body. A “sleeve-like” stomach tube about the size of a banana remains for the digestive process.

How You Lose Weight

Your sleeve-like stomach tube will fill quickly when you eat. This will stimulate the natural sensors at the top of your stomach that then make your stomach feel full, even though you've only eaten a small, healthy meal. You'll feel full more quickly and, therefore, consume less food and fewer calories, leading to weight loss.

In addition, because the larger section of your stomach was removed, your body will decrease or eliminate the release of a hormone that stimulates your appetite.

After LVSG surgery, patients experience safe, significant and sustained weight loss while adhering to a life-long regimen of sensible exercise with appropriate dietary intake, plus vitamin and mineral supplements, and consistent follow-up.

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