Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

The gastric band (often called a lap band) does not limit your body's ability to absorb nutrients, does not permanently alter your anatomy, and is reversible. This makes it an option if you might not otherwise consider bariatric surgery.

The Surgery

Adjustable gastric band illustrationAdjustable gastric band illustration

In this procedure, a band containing an inflatable silicon balloon is inserted through very small incisions in your abdomen and then placed around the upper part of your stomach. This produces a small stomach pouch and constricts the passage into the rest of the stomach.

Surgeon's hand and LAP-BAND appliance perspective

LAP-BAND appliance

The band's silicon balloon is connected by tubing to an access port secured to the muscle under the skin of your abdominal wall. Through the access port, fluid can be added to or removed from the balloon to customize its fit to your anatomy.

The amount of fluid in the band's balloon can be adjusted after surgery to suit your needs. No additional operation is necessary.

How You Lose Weight

The gastric band causes food to move more slowly into the lower stomach. As a result, the small stomach pouch formed during the surgery will quickly fill. Natural sensors at the top of your stomach will then trigger the sensation of feeling full.

Even though you've only eaten a small, healthy meal, you'll feel full faster. You'll then consume less food and fewer calories, leading to weight loss.

After LAGB surgery, patients experience safe, significant and sustained weight loss while adhering to a life-long regimen of sensible exercise with appropriate dietary intake, plus vitamin and mineral supplements, and consistent follow-up.

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