BMI Calculator

BMI stands for "body mass index," a numerical value of your weight in relation to your height. BMIs are good indicators of healthy weights for most adult men and women, regardless of body frame size.

Fast ways to find out your BMI:

How is Body Mass Index Calculated?

A person’s BMI is calculated using a formula established by the National Institutes of Health.

((weight/height)²) * 703 = BMI

Weight (in pounds) divided by height (in inches) squared and multiplied by 703

Higher BMIs (30+) are associated with significantly increased health risks in some people. Could your weight be increasing your health risks? Use our BMI Calculator to find out. If you prefer, view a BMI chart. It's easy to use, and you can print it out for future reference.

Are BMI Numbers Accurate for Everyone?

The BMI Calculator is based on data taken from middle-aged men and women. It may not be accurate for pregnant or nursing women, competitive athletes, and the elderly. The normal BMI ranges for children and teens are entirely different, and vary according to age and gender.

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