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SAT MAY 178AM - 12PMFree Young Athlete Heart Screening - McLane Children's Scott & White Specialty Clinic, 1901 SW HK Dodgen Loop, Temple, TX 76502Active students who engage in athletics, cheerleading, marching band, drill team, ROTC or other strenuous sports usually obtain physical examinations from their family doctor prior to participating in those activities, and many take the extra step of getting their heart screened.

The screening checks for a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which causes a thickening of the heart wall. HCM does not present any symptoms and can lead to obstruction of blood flow and an erratic heartbeat. It is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young people and effects roughly 1 in 500.

The screening includes taking electrocardiographic (ECG) and echocardiographic images of the heart. Both tests are quick and painless, but give physicians key information about the heart that will reveal these cases that do happen from time to time.

This screening is offered at no charge in order to screen all student athletes including those without insurance. Parents are welcome and encouraged to accompany their children during the exam. This free event is made possible by the complementary use of facilities and volunteer cardiologists at McLane Children's and the Scott & White Heart & Vascular Institute.

Please note: This screening does not replace the required sports physical clearance by your primary care physician.

For more information about the screening and to register, call 254-935-4980 or visit http://swchildrens.org/heart-screening.