Split Night Sleep Study

- Dr. Carl D. Boethel

Dr. Carl D. Boethel

A split night sleep study is an overnight polysomnogram in which the patient spends the first half of the night being monitored for sleep apnea.  In the event that they show severe enough disease to merit treatment with positive pressure therapy, then the technologist will place the patient on positive pressure therapy, commonly called CPAP.  The technologist will then adjust the pressure on the CPAP to treat the underlying sleep apnea.  This study can also be performed in the daytime for patients who are night shift workers or who commonly sleep during the daytime.


Dr. Carl D. Boethel, Director of the Scott & White Sleep Institute, also serves as Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine with the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. Dr. Boethel's patient care emphasis is Asthma, COPD, Diagnostic Sleep Evaluation (Formal Polysomnography), Fatigue, Intensive Care Services, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, and Smoking Related Diseases.

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