Sleep Disorder Treatments

Sleep Studies

Your primary care physician may recommend sleep studies for the diagnosis and treatments of sleep disorders. There are different types of studies and in some cases you may need more than one. 


An actigraph allows you to montor your sleep and wake patterns. Learn more »

Ambulatory Monitoring

Ambulatory studies are home sleep studies. Learn more »

CPAP Tritation

Most people with symtomatic sleep apnea use CPAP as a treatment option. CPAP is remedy rather than a cure, but the improvement in symptoms is quick. Learn more  »

Day Studies

After you've had an overnight sleep study, you may also take a Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT) or  Maintenance Awakefulness Testing (MWT)  which may be required to diagnose certain sleep disorders. These studies are done durning daytime hours.

Maintenance Awakefulness Testing (MWT)

MWTs are sometimes requested as a monitor of the therapy you have been prescribed for sleep disorders allowing us to prove that therapy for your excessive daytime sleep (EDS) has worked. Learn more »

Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT)

MSLTs are day studies where every two hours for four or five naps you will be asked to lie quietly on your bed and fall asleep if you feel like it. Learn more »

Nocturia Studies

Noctura is awakening from sleep to urinate and has been associated to a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. This is not the same as bed-wetting where the person does not wake to urinate.

Pediatric Studies

Pediatric Sleep Studies are done on children over the age of 2 and in much the same way as for our adult patients. Learn more »

Pediatric Enuresis Studies

Pediatric Enuresis Studies are performed on children who are over the age of 8 and who have not been able to remain dry throughout the night. Learn more »


Before you sleep, a technician will tape or glue sensors to your body. While you sleep, the sensors track your body functions. This includes brain waves, breathing, heartbeat, muscle activity and more. Learn more »

Seizure Sleep Studies

Seizure Sleep Studies are done in adults or children over the age of 2 who are having abnormal movement during their sleep that might be concerning for seizures. Learn more »

Split Night Sleep Study

Your physician may refer you to have a split night study. Learn more »

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