Seizure Sleep Studies

- Dr. Tricia Ritch

Dr. Tricia Ritch

Seizure Sleep Studies are done in adults or children over the age of 2 who are having abnormal movement during their sleep that might be concerning for seizures.  There are some seizure disorders that only happen during sleep and they often cause rhythmic jerking or other activity that is witnessed by others.  Usually the patient themselves aren’t aware of the activity and so when asked about it the have no recollection. 

In these cases, we try to determine if the brain is having an abnormal activity during sleep that might need to be treated by a neurologist.  We investigate with an EEG like for a regular sleep study but instead of using only 6 electrodes (monitors) on the head, we use 24!  By applying more monitors, we are able to see the more of the electrical activity of the brain.

Dr. Tricia Ritch's patient emphasis is Childhood Stroke, Epilepsy, General Child Neurology and Pediatric Sleep Medicine.

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