Pediatric Enuresis Studies

- Dr. Tricia Ritch

Dr. Tricia RitchPediatric Enuresis Studies are performed on children who are over the age of 8 and who have not been able to remain dry throughout the night.  These are performed in the same way as for routine pediatric sleep studies but with one additional monitor on the bed for an accident. The monitor will alert the technologists when an accident happens so that we can determine if there is a problem with the sleep that might be contributing to the enuresis. 

Sometimes children who snore have enuresis because of obstructive sleep apnea but most of the time, children who have enuresis are in a very deep stage of sleep and their brain is not able to sense that the bladder full and not able to wake the patient up to go to the restroom, so they have an accident.  Many children who have nocturnal enuresis have a parent who also had the same problem.

Dr. Tricia Ritch's patient emphasis is Childhood Stroke, Epilepsy, General Child Neurology and Pediatric Sleep Medicine.

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