Maintenance Awakefulness Testing (MWT)

Primarily requested by The Department of Transportation or from your employer
- James A. Barker

Portrait of Dr. James A. Barker

Maintenance Awakefulness Testing (MWT) is sometimes requested as a monitor of the therapy we have prescribed for sleep disorders allowing us to prove that therapy for your excessive daytime sleep (EDS) has worked.

The MWT allows us to see if you can stay awake. We will begin the test two or three hours after you have awakened for the day. You will sit in a room and be left alone for 40 minutes at a time in approximately 2-hour intervals.

These tests are primarily done at the request of The Department of Transportation or from your employer.

Dr. James Barker, Director of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Disorders Medicine at Scott & White, treats patients with abnormal chest x-ray, asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD, cough, insomnia, neuromuscular weakness (post-polio syndrome), pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, shortness of breath (dyspnea) and sleep disorders.

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