Insomnia is a common problem across the world and especially in Western civilization. Many people have trouble falling or staying asleep. This is what we would normally call insomnia. Sometimes it is related to other chronic illnesses. Occasionally, it is related to medications and other times it is just the way you are. We offer an effective therapy for this.

What happens at an insomnia consultation?

You would see one of our Sleep clinicians who specialize in sleep disorders and insomnia. We would complete an in-depth consultation and physical examination with you to see if any special testing of your thyroid gland or adjusting your medication is necessary. Occasionally, we will ask you to wear a device to pattern your sleep called an actigraph. Rarely, we will recommend you need an overnight sleep study called polysomnography.

In general, polysomnography is not done for an insomnia evaluation and is not always covered by your health insurance. However, sometimes insomnia is not the primary problem but is masquerading for sleep apnea. Additionally, sometimes trouble starting or initiating sleep is from a different problem such as restless leg syndrome or even a circadian rhythm problem such as delaying sleep phase.

Common therapies for insomnia include lifestyle adjustments, avoidance of caffeine, relaxation training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sometimes even sleep restriction.

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