Nuclear Radiology

As the world continues to become more technologically advanced, many people consider themselves to be fairly “tech-savvy,” keeping up with new advancements and changes in technology. But in the field of healthcare, even those on the front lines are surprised by the innovations that continually change how they practice medicine.

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Advancing Cancer Treatment

One field that is continually evolving is that of cancer treatment. Research and education in the arena of oncology have brought about new treatments and new diagnostic options, and through the research done at Scott & White, funded by generous individuals, we have stayed at the forefront of those innovations.
Nuclear radiology

One of the most significant advances in diagnosing cancer has come in the field of nuclear radiology. Nuclear medicine specialists use safe, painless and cost-effective techniques to image the body and treat disease. Nuclear medicine imaging is unique because it provides doctors with information about not only the structure of a tumor, but also its metabolic activity.

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Michael L. Middleton
Nuclear Medicine Radiologist
Mark D. Strober
Nuclear Medicine Specialist
Bradley R. Trotter
Nuclear Medicine Specialist