Core Measures

Things We Are Doing to Improve Our Core Measures Performance

Hands Holding PatientAt Scott & White we are continually improving our performance. You deserve a health system that takes action and is committed to making changes.

Choose a specific measure to see how we are doing.

Take a look at a few of the ways we are improving every day

  • Performance Review—members of our quality department frequently review levels of performance. They meet directly with providers to offer feedback and education specific to their special needs, cases and situations.
  • GraphBuilt-In Reminders—in order to stay on top of quality metrics, we have reminders built-in to our electronic medical record system.
  • Pre-Printed Order Sets—to reduce transcription errors, streamline procedures, and maintain best practices, we use standardized, or computer-generated physician order sets to care for our patients.
  • Daily Renewal Reminders—to stay attentive to our patients, we have daily renewal reminders for catheters and central lines. This improves patient safety by making sure these catheters and central lines are not left in longer than necessary.
  • Educational Sessions—to keep up with new trends and best practices, we hold regular educational sessions with staff members about quality and patient safety.
  • Data Review and Measures—we are committed to regularly reviewing our data. We post our performance so our staff can see, learn and improve our safety and quality practices.

In addition to our efforts, we are building a culture at Scott & White that holds the patient at the core of every decision. We want you to feel confident in your care, and know that we are working every day to make Scott & White the most Trusted and the most Valued name in American Health Care.

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