Psychology Services

Scott & White psychologists and counselors provide consulation to help patients understand specific problems, offer support and work toward resolutions. Some of the mental or emotional difficulties we treat include:

  • Depression or anxiety symptoms
  • Interpersonal or family problems
  • Stress-related medical problems
  • Grief recovery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Other matters

Methods and Procedures

Psychological therapy is a joint effort between the psychologist and the patient. Progress depends on many factors, such as problem complexity, patient motivation and life circumstances. Likewise, the therapeutic methods used may vary according to the issue being treated and can be altered to reflect progress.

Therapist and patient should agree on specific goals for the therapy, which can be reviewed and amended when appropriate.

Make an Appointment with a Psychologist

Psychology services at Scott & White are offered on an outpatient basis at our clinics. Find a psychology provider.

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