Psychiatric Day Treatment Program


Scott & White Hospital, Temple Campus, STC-1


Monday - Friday,
8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
The Psychiatric Day Treatment Program is a 20-day program and daily attendance is required.

The Psychiatric Day Treatment Program at Scott & White is a 20-day program designed to help people facing challenges that interfere with their daily lives. From depression to anxiety to interpersonal conflicts, the Day Treatment Program offers intensive daily therapy to to help a person change behaviors, learn new coping skills, and reclaim a more comfortable lifestyle.

The program runs Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm. The group therapy program runs 20 days and meets on the first floor of the Special Treatment Center on the Temple campus.

We realize that entering a new program is never easy.  Therefore, we are offering you this information to help acquaint you with the philosophy of the Psychiatric Day Treatment Program, which is based on the belief that people can make significant changes in how they cope with life's stressors.


  • To reduce stress and to help you mobilize your resources and strengths.
  • To provide education geared toward coping with future crises.
  • To help each individual develop more effective patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • To provide an intensive outpatient psychotherapy program.
  • To minimize life disruption.


  • Everyone is required to attend and participate in all groups.
  • All participants are expected to notify us if late or absent from program at 254-724-3214 by 9 a.m. that day. Failure to notify the staff of absence could result in being dropped from the program. Reinstatement may be possible by being placed on a waiting list.
  • Casual/comfortable attire is recommended.
  • Cell phones are not to be used on the premises of STC-1.

Third Party Payment

  • It is important to know the extent of your healthcare insurance coverage. Patients are responsible for cost(s) not covered and/or paid by the insurance.
  • Co-pays are due at time of service on a weekly basis.

Daily Schedule

8-8:45 a.m., Large Studio
Experiential Lab

Activity and music are used to develop a deeper awareness of inner feeling, responses and patterns of communication. Activity added to psychodynamic psychotherapy enhances the process by promoting an appropriate self-reflective mind-set prior to the group itself.

9:15-10:20 a.m., Small Studio
Dynamic Group Therapy

Each person is free to bring up any personal or interpersonal problems in order to explore means for better understanding of these problems and of the possibilities for personal growth. This activity will be videotaped and played back in the afternoon.

10:30-11:30 a.m., Art Room
Creative Therapy

Art, primarily painting, is used to help patients achieve greater personal awareness and understanding if their inner selves around such themes as recurrent dreams, concepts of their families, themselves, their significant relationships, etc.

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

1-2 p.m., Small Studio
Personal Growth Lab

This group provides both a structured and experiential learning component and includes such topics as assertiveness training, anger management, communication skills and interpersonal conflict resolution.

2:10-3:40 p.m., Large Studio
Video Replay Group (Dynamic Group Therapy continued)

Video replay session provides an opportunity for you to talk further about your thoughts and feelings.

3:45-4:30 p.m., Large Studio

Relaxation promotes an inner peace that can be beneficial in all settings in the future and enhances your physical and emotional health.

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