Primary Care Information

What is a Primary Care Physician?

Primary Care physicians are trained to treat people of all ages and conditions. Routine checkups, minor illness or injuries, sports physicals, vaccinations and overall wellness issues are all a part of a PCP's day. They also play an important role in managing your specialty care.

Primary Care is about providing initial and continuing patient care, so many types of physicians may fit the label. However, there are differences between providers:

  • Family Medicine (also Family Practice or General Practice) physicians are typically trained specifically in family medicine and tend to see patients of all ages and conditions.
  • General Internal Medicine physicians also treat a wide variety of conditions, but their training is different and they usually treat only adults.
  • Pediatricians are physicians who are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions in children.
  • Geriatricians are internal medicine or family practice physician specifically trained to care for the complex needs of older adults.
  • Gynecologists are physicians who are specifically trained to care for women.

How Do I Find a Primary Care Physician?

Choosing the right doctor can be challenging. At Scott & White, we strive to make this selection process as easy as possible. Here are some tools to help you:

Search by location on our website

Through our online search tool, you can find a list of doctors practicing in the clinics near you. Each doctor has an online biography page that contains information about education and training, years of experience, specialty areas and even interests and hobbies. This information is meant to help you select the doctor to best fit your needs.
Find a clinic near you »

Call any clinic directly

If you know where you want to go for primary care, you can call the clinic directly to choose a doctor. Our staff will let you know which doctors are accepting new patients, provide specific information about each doctor and help you establish care with a new primary care provider.

Contact your health insurance company

Health insurance companies usually maintain a list of doctors in their network who are accepting new patients. Starting with your insurance could be a good first step in selecting the right doctor for you.

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