What to Expect in Physical Therapy

Your doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner will give you any precautions you need to follow.

You’ll receive an order to physical therapy for evaluation and treatment.

Your physical therapist will conduct an extensive physical assessment and identify any difficulties.

Your therapist will then draw up a personalized treatment plan based on your identified difficulties.

Your therapist will communicate regularly with your physician or your medical team.

  • We support open dialogue when issues are identified or needs arise.
  • Our team uses phone calls, email, and electronic medical record to maintain constant communication with one another.

Our therapists collaborate with one another to ensure the best care for you.

The mission of our highly trained and skilled staff is to return you to functionality.

Find out more about your first appointment.

It’s all completely individualized to the patient. We design everything to fit each patient. Every session is different, and every exercise is changed to fit each patient.

— Tamara A. Hebert, Lead Physical Therapist

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