What to bring to your first Physical Therapy appointment

Your licensed physical therapist is a specially trained healthcare professional whose job it is to help you:

  • Improve your mobility and range of motion
  • Improve your ability to participate in your usual activities
  • Reduce your pain and discomfort
  • Avoid surgery and long-term use of prescription pain medication

If you are coming from outside the Scott & White system, please bring:

  • Any specific physician instructions or protocols
  • Notes from any previous surgeries
  • Reports from your most recent:
    • X-rays
    • CT scans
    • MRIs
    • Bone scans
    • Ultrasounds

To maximize your care and your time at your first appointment, please bring your:

  • Referral authorization, if necessary
  • List of your concerns regarding your:
    • Pain
    • Mobility
    • Function
    • Range of motion
  • List of symptoms:
    • Activities that improve or worsen your pain
    • Positions that improve or worsen your pain
    • Movements that improve or worsen your pain
    • Times of day that are better or worse
  • Goals for treatment:
    • What you want to do that you can’t do
    • Time frame you want to do it in
  • Other lists:
    • Stressful events in your life
    • Medical conditions in your family
    • Injuries or incidents pertaining to your condition
    • Medications you’re taking
  • Questions you may have regarding your:
    • Physical therapy care
    • Dysfunction
    • Treatment
    • Prognosis for the future

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in freely.

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