Therapy After Knee Surgery

We see a lot of knees. We specialize in rehabilitation after knee surgery.
Our licensed physical therapists have the specialized training and experience needed to work with your knee after your surgery for:

  • ACL, MCL or meniscus repair
  • Joint replacement or repair

Personalized Care Plan

Your physical therapist will work closely with your orthopedic surgeon.
After your surgery, your therapist will determine:

  • The course of rehabilitation post-surgery
  • Which services you’ll need
  • Which therapeutic interventions may be helpful

Your PT will then create a personalized care plan that meets your individual needs. As you progress through therapy, your therapist will regularly re-evaluate your care plan.

Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery

There are a wide variety of options for helping you on the path to recovery after knee surgery:

  • Crutches - instruction on how to walk with crutches
  • Bear weight - instruction on how to bear weight while standing or moving to and from a chair
  • Ice and compression – alternating ice and compression sleeves to control swelling
  • Braces – instruction on how to use and clean your post-surgery knee brace
  • Individualized, targeted, prescriptive exercises
    • Range of motion
    • Strength
    • Balance
    • Agility
  • Special equipment
    • Cuff weights
    • Therabands® bands
    • Weight-lifting equipment
    • Treadmills
    • Stationary bikes
  • Hands-on therapy
    • Soft tissue manipulation
    • Joint mobilization  
  • Electric stimulation – interruption of neural transmission of pain signals through electrical stimulation of the skin

Goals of Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery

  • Eliminate or reduce knee pain
  • Walk without a limp
  • Return to normal lifestyle, including completing activities of daily living (ADLs), as quickly as possible
  • Sports retraining (for athletes)
  • Return to sports competition or play as soon as possible

Prescriptive Exercises as “Homework”

Based on therapy plan, your therapist may assign you individualized, targeted prescriptive exercises to work on at home. These exercises:

  • Enhance the treatments performed at the clinic
  • May include lifestyle or behavior changes, such as the way you sit or walk
  • Are necessary in meeting your therapy goals

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