Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Philosophy

Our main focus is on function. Our goal is to keep you moving.

We’ll ask you —

  • What you want you want to do
  • What you can’t do
  • How we can get you back to doing what you want to do

In many cases, your pain may never fully go away until your dysfunction goes away.

Our first steps then are to help you:

  • Get your strength and mobility back
  • Function properly again

PM&R at Scott & White Healthcare

  • We have a whole-patient approach, not an individual body-part approach. We help heal the whole you, so you have greater satisfaction with your life as a whole and not focus strictly on your pain.
  • We use a variety of modalities, but we especially emphasize exercise and biomechanics to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • We educate and instruct you so that you are an active participant in your own rehabilitation.

We treat patients primarily through addressing the mechanics, using modalities and exercise. We don’t want them to rush off and have a big surgery if they don’t have to. We take care of people, so hopefully they don’t have to have surgery.

James H. Albers, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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